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I  am  CS Eliot

bowie pasha im gonna teach you a lesson_

Future Interwebz Star

CS Eliot BERNARD SHAW_edited_edited_edit

Ferociously Bloody

bowie classic on bed on back hiding one

Atrociously Slutty

CS Eliot heavy petting.gif

Precociously Nutty

worried bowie melted on hardwood floor_e

But until I'm discovered by Hollywood, I'm stuck working for cat food on CatScratch. I red-light all Catscratch productions that do not include cats. Which are then immediately green-lighted by my idiot partners. To make ends meet I also review and preview shows.

Please introduce me to anybody in Hollywood!

In the mean time, here's the latest play I'm pimping.

TIWGTS flyer minus actors-4.jpg
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